Connectio Review and Coupon Code

What is Connectio?

Connectio is a software program that helps you target your Facebook adverts with high levels of specificity. With improved effectiveness of your ads, you can use your marketing budget more efficiently. Connectio’s primary focus is on getting to know your audience. With a better understanding of who your potential customers are, you can direct your social media marketing campaigns more successfully.

What We Like

Connectio does one thing and it does it well. Here’s what we like about it.

Cloud Based

Connectio is cloud based, meaning that you don’t need to install anything and it takes up no space on your systems. All you need is a device, a Facebook account, and an internet connection to get started. There are no compatibility issues between devices either. It’s quick and easy to begin creating better targeted ads.

Simple Interface

The interface is incredibly simple. You don’t need to be an experienced marketer to start creating Facebook ads with Connectio.

Superior Social Media Campaigns

Connectio offers highly advanced social media marketing features that are typically only offered by highly professional sites for larger companies. Even the smallest of businesses can utilize these incredibly superior features. Connectio is split into four tools: Audience, Leads, Retarget, and explore. Each tool works together to run targeted campaigns and make better use of your marketing budget. Using Connectio’s impressive tools, you’ll set yourself miles ahead of competitors.

Hyper Targeting

Connetio enables users to easily identify and target clients and customers. Discover audiences based on their email behavior, Facebook likes and dislikes, and other activities supported by data. By targeting Facebook adverts more specifically, users are able to create more competitive, efficient, and effective social media marketing campaigns.

What We Don’t Like

However, there are a few downsides to using Connectio.

Doesn’t Do Everything

Like we said, Connectio does one thing very well; it helps users target Facebook ads. However, it doesn’t do much else. If you’re looking for a broader, multi-channel software, then Connectio isn’t for you. With Connectio, either you have to blindly target customers on other platforms or pay for other tools. That said, there is the potential for Connectio to expand to include other social media platforms. Yet, for now, Connectio only focuses on Facebook.

Not for Everyone

The tools that Connectio offers are highly advanced social media marketing features that might not be necessary for some organizations. Not everyone will need such specific tools and might prefer paying for a combined marketing platform.

No Mobile App

Currently there is no mobile app version for Connetio. While this is a small drawback, it does make it less flexible for those on the go.

Who is Connectio Aimed at?

Connectio is designed to bring sophisticated software to small businesses. Taking tools traditionally used by larger organizations and offering them to smaller companies is a unique prospect. If you want to create highly targeted Facebook adverts more cost effectively, then Connection might be suitable for you.